Sailing toward to Elba Island

Sailing toward to Elba Island

The sea holds roots, trunks, broken branches. The wood comes from far away, and have had a previous life contained in the nodes brittle by the waves. They have seen and heard, they have produced leaves and flowers and perhaps fruit. They have been burned by the sun and drenched by the rain, they held up the wind and the drought until a violent storm has dragged them to the sea.

And another storm gave them up among the rocks or on the beach, almost weightless, smoothed by water. So I found them walking along the sea. Now, transformed into keels and trees, driftwood are ready to start again new stories

My sailboats grow out of the driftwood I picked up on the Tuscan coast, around Pisa and Livorno, in Quercianella, Castiglioncello, Rosignano, Marina di Pisa, Calambrone. I keep driftwood shape and dimension, as well as  I collected. Their shape and size suggest me how to plan sailboats.

 Even the sails are made with materials (paper and fabric) who already had a previous life


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