I’m living in a wonderful location on the Tuscan coast, between sea and hills.

Walking along the cliff or on the sand I began to pick driftwood, imagining their previous life, trees or other objects of common use. They did not seem “ready” to end up in the landfill, and with my boats I offer them a second chance …

I started building sailboats exclusively with already used fabric, respecting the original form of wood and using only string and glue. Now some boat has mainstays and shrouds in copper, with microwelding made ​​by Marco, my husband. White clouds in blue sky

We like to work together looking for the shape and inclination emphasizing the lightness, the right color for each sail … giving voice and spirit the woods dragged down to us from far away places and unknown!
Alongside the sails, the paintings depicting seascapes: we design together the image and collaborate in its implementation using only pallets or beads exceeding ​​by other works, water-based paint, rocks and woods fromthe sea.
Even the family of the Fantastic Animals arises from the suggestion of a root or by the combination of random stones which become a turtle or a pig!
Other projects are in progress!

These small items different from each other, speak about my love for the sea and about the respect I have for all living things. I wish that my wooden boats gathered on the sea could transfer the same emotions to people visiting my blog.


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